Understanding Your Ownership

Know Your Timeshare

With the evolution of timeshare products over the years or as a newer owner, you may not be fully aware of the options available to you today with Orange Lake Resorts. A little education can go a long way to helping you enjoy your vacation ownership.

Basics of what you own

Orange Lake Resorts focused on offering a traditional timeshare product throughout much of more than 30-year history. This involved purchasing a particular week in a particular unit on a home resort, and returning to that unit the same time every year. We have offered both yearly and biennial intervals in one-week increments for purchase.

Plus, through resort acquisitions, we also now have owners with “floating weeks.” This gives owners with the option of traveling a resort within a set range of weeks instead of the exact week they purchased.

In the mid-2000s, we began offering an optional club product that overlays on top of your ownership, eventually becoming the Holiday Inn Club product we have today. An important point to remember is your base ownership does not change with the Club—you just gain more flexibility and options to use your timeshare.