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General Timeshare

Q: Besides the original purchase, what are the other costs involved with owning a timeshare?

A: Much like owning a condominium, you will contribute to the shared expenses of maintaining the entire property enjoyed by all owners. These include such things as keeping villas updated as furnishings, kitchen equipment and bathrooms wear out and need refreshing or replacing. Building structures, property grounds and amenities such as pools, golf courses and restaurants also need ongoing maintenance. Plus the staffing to run the resort, insurance, activities and other costs are also factored in. These are handled by the Resort Management Company. The funds to do this are discussed, decided upon and administered by your elected HOA board members and are reflected in your annual maintenance fees. Annual real estate taxes also apply, which are billed separately.

Q: What is the difference between buying directly from the developer or from a resale company?

A: Timeshare bought from a developer usually come with closing incentives, such as a year’s free membership with the resort’s exchange company, exchange within the company’s family of resorts, additional time at the resort or many other benefits not available to owners who purchase through the resale market. There will usually be a difference in price, similar to purchasing a new car versus a pre-owned one.

Also, timeshare developers are tightly regulated by the states, which require stringent consumer protections, such as a right of rescission, financial assurance and many other things. The resale market is largely unregulated and therefore does not offer the same consumer protections or benefits as regulations within the primary market.

Q: Are timeshares a good investment?

A: Buying a timeshare is a lifestyle investment in order to enjoy better vacations with family and friends. The “dividend” is a lifetime of memories and vacation experiences together. And, because of its pre-paid nature, timeshare gives people the discipline of taking time from hectic schedules to relax and recharge with high-quality accommodations year after year. Timeshares should not be purchased as a traditional real estate investment.

Reservations & Visiting

Q: I will be arriving at the resort before the standard check-in time of 4 p.m. Can I check-in early?

A: The standard check-in time for all of our resorts is 4 p.m. Before that time, we cannot guarantee your particular villa is ready, but will check you in if it happens to be available early. If you arrive before 4 p.m. and villa is not yet ready, you are welcome to use the resort amenities until check-in.

Q: As an owner of a deeded interest at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, we would like to use the resort's facilities while in the area. Can I do this?

A: Yes. As an Orange Lake Resort owner, you are welcome to full access to any amenities or activities on the resort at any time.

Billing & Maintenance

Q: I just purchased my timeshare this year, but will not be traveling until next year. Do I still need to pay my Maintenance Fee for the first year?

A: Operating and Reserve Assessments (or “Maintenance Fees”) are billed annually for each unit you own, usually in November and due by January 1. The fees are not prorated and you are responsible for the full amount beginning with the first year of occupancy, whether or not you actually visit the resort that year.

Q: How come a Maintenance Fee bill was not mailed to me the first year, but I got one the second?

A: If you financed your first-year Maintenance Fees, you would not have received a mailed bill for that year. The annual Maintenance Fees for the second (and all following years) usually arrives in November and is always due January 1.

Changing or Adding People

Q: When we purchased our timeshare, we were single and are now married. How do we change a name on the Deed?

A: There is no need for immediate concern, as the Deed is still good even though you are no longer single. It was issued to both of you as joint tenants with full rights of survivorship, unless directed otherwise.

To change the Deed in our system, simply forward a copy of your Marriage Certificate to the Deeding Department. If it is not a deeded unit, you will also need to include a Request for Change Authorization form. Once submitted, we can then update the deed to the property to your married name(s).

Q: My spouse was not with me when I signed the original purchasing documents, but wants to be added. How do I do that?

A: Contact the Deeding Department and request an Assignment of Contract form with a Mortgage & Note Modification Rider. On that form is a section to change the Original Purchasers to Substitute Purchasers. Once the completed form is submitted, we can update the purchasing documents to include your spouse.

Q: My spouse is deceased. How do I remove his/her name from your records?

A: You will first need to file a certified Death Certificate and Affidavit of Continuous Marriage with the Public Records Department of Orange County, Florida. Their Comptroller’s office will mail those original documents back to you once they are recorded. When you receive them back, make copies and forward them to our Deeding Department and we will update your account.

Q: How do I add another party/person to our timeshare contract or title?

A: We recommend you consult your attorney and contact our Deeding Department for a Quit Claim Deed package. This paperwork will allow you to make those changes.

Beneficiaries & Trusts

Q: Can I change the beneficiary on my ownership?

A: A beneficiary is normally named on an insurance policy. OLCC no longer carries insurance policies on financed (mortgage) accounts. Consult your private insurance documents and/or attorney to make that change.

Q: How do we update our ownership records to place our account in a Trust?

A: To make clear your powers with regard to real property, whether already owned or will purchase in the future, there are specific sections of your Trust which you will need to copy and forward to our Deeding Department:

  • First page, which names the Trust and the date is was prepared;
  • The middle section which specifies your powers to transfer, sell, convey or lease the property into, and deed the property out of, your Trust; and
  • The last page of the Trust, which includes the signatures of all parties involved.

Only after receiving all of these documents can we update your account to reflect your Trust.

Purchasing or Transferring Ownership

Q: I lost my contract paperwork. How do I get new copies?

A: Contact the Deeding/Title Services Department to request copies, which they can mail or email to you.

Q: We purchased a new construction unit and have not received our Deed yet. When can we expect that to arrive?

A: Newly constructed units are not deeded until they are declared for use as Timeshare. This usually occurs within one to two years after your purchase (generally after the first year). Once the units in the new construction where you purchased are declared as Timeshare, OLCC will begin recording its Deeds. At that time, you will be mailed a Recorded Deed, Recorded Mortgage and Title Policy via certified mail.

Q: My ex-spouse transferred the property to me by Quit Claim Deed, and I have made all the payments since that time. Why does his/her name appear on the Satisfaction of Mortgage?

A: The mortgage is satisfied in the names in which the mortgage was originally recorded. A Transfer of Title does not release the mortgage responsibility of any parties.

Q: Are we relieved of our mortgage obligation if we sell our property or deed it to someone who will take over the payments?

A: No, a Transfer of Title does not release you from the mortgage obligation, as a mortgage is not assumable by another person. Once the mortgage is paid in full and maintenance liens, if any, are satisfied, you may request a Quit Claim Deed packet that will enable you to legally transfer ownership.

Q: I sold my unit week and sent a copy of the Deed to OLCC. Why hasn’t your data been updated?

A: There are a few factors involved with updating your data that must be satisfied before this occurs:

  • First, if you only sent a copy of the Deed to the Orange County Comptroller’s office for recording, they do not send a copy to OLCC. It is your responsibility to furnish a copy of the Recorded Deed (which you can get from the Comptroller’s office after they record it) to OLCC.
  • Once we receive a copy of the Recorded Deed from you via mail or fax, your data will be changed with our next scheduled database update. These occur weekly to capture any ownership changes.

Q: I have finished paying the mortgage for my timeshare. When will I receive my Satisfaction of Mortgage from OLCC?

A: It takes approximately 14 to 16 weeks for our Deeding/Title Services Department to process the Satisfaction of Mortgage, receive the recorded documentation back from the Title Company and mail it to you.


Q: Are pets allowed on the resort?

A: To preserve resort grounds and maintain guest satisfaction in our villas, no pets are allowed at any of our resorts. However, certified service animals are allowed on property. If you plan to travel with pets, contact the resort directly for suggestions of area kennels to use during your stay.

Q: I have more than two owners on my Deed, but all correspondence is only addressed to two names. Why?

A: Our data system can only accommodate two owners’ names and one address. If you wish to change who the owner correspondence is addressed and goes to, request it in writing to our Deeding/Title Services Department via mail or fax. Please note the request must be signed by all parties listed on the original Deed for that change can be made.

Otherwise, all interval ownership (timeshare) units within your HOA will convert to what’s referred to as “Tenant in Common.” This type of ownership provides for each owner’s right to exclusively occupy his/her unit week for the week originally purchased.

Q: How do we add another party to our Latitudes package?

A: Latitudes is a vacation package available for certain resorts and is not a part of your Deeded property benefits. Contact a Latitudes Customer Care Representative at (800) 353-1966 for more information concerning your package.